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tv   Fox and Friends Sunday  FOX News  January 15, 2017 3:00am-7:01am PST

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or down if we really nailed it.
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good morning on this sunday morning. abby: we were talking about new york city yesterday in the christmas decorations throughout. when this does a tiny bit, it is the most beautiful ever looks. they turn brown in a sober. >> do we still have that nice craziness happening? we'll get to the ice and craziness in the midwest. pete: that's why we have a night game tonight. abby: there is a lot of ice in washington d.c. tonight. clayton: celebrities now coming to the defense of congressman john lewis. do you remember yesterday we unfolded this whole live right here in the show, civil rights icon john lewis basically said he's not going to go the maturation joined a long list of democrats and republicans. he doesn't think he's a
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legitimate president. now there's a lot of people a lot of people. republicans and democrats jumping to support him. tree into during show, donald trump tweeted yesterday responding to congressman lewis. he should spend more time on fixing his district which is in horrible shape and falling apart. rather than falsely complaining about the election results. all talk, talk, talk. no action or results. so that tweet's per 24 hours of reaction. abby: still coming in. pete: this morning, people saying it was out of line. abby: the list goes on. look at the tweets. this is from nancy pelosi. let us remember that many have tried to silence representative john lewis over the years. all have failed. clayton: some people think cory booker will be running for president in 2020. anyone who attacks representative john lewis loses legitimacy in my eyes,
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especially someone you made a craven effort to delegitimize barack obama. pete: will crystal with a friend of mine, but has been no friend of donald trump tweets face. i'm afraid donald trump treats vladimir putin with more respect than he does john lewis. this is what i think people miss. no one is saying that john lewis is a hero. even by state troopers in that primary. everyone holds enough for web design. but because you get that 50 years ago, doesn't mean you are immune forever. it is like me saying i served in iraq 10 years ago so you can criticize me right now. abby: i don't think in that tweet -- he wasn't referring to anything he has done as it relates to civil rights. i woke up this morning feeling pretty sad about all of this. here we are than a week until this inauguration. we played a clip yesterday years back of the mainstream media basically laughing that the thought of donald trump ever
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been president. i was pretty shocking to look back and see what he has been doing. if you look at the coverage. i will say now is a real opportunity for president elect shrub
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you're not legitimate, you're not scared enough of that. now it's time to get some things done and hopefully this is not impediment.
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as an opposition and an opposition employment and that's its most problematic. abby: that's what it should be. the greatest revenge is being one of the best presidents we've ever seen. getting into the office and getting thing done and proven you can bring this country over the past eight years i don't think we've been this divided in a very, very long time as president obama is walking away from office. mr. trump is a real opportunity here. >> you see this division, the hollywood of celebrities performing. jennifer holiday this morning backing out of performing at donald trump to maturation. she sent out this apology note saying i sincerely apologize for my lapse of judgment, for being uneducated on the issues that affect every american at this crucial time in history and for causing such dismay and heartbreak to my fans. there is then bad guys. i think they are backing out as well. there's been people sending all
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these death threats. he better not perform there. think about that. the threats were performing at the inauguration. let's keep our focus for the focus should be. have the courage to stand up and say i will perform at the inauguration of the president of the united states. i will not back down to death threats or twitter followers who are frustrated or not. these are folks who are ultimately spineless when it comes to this. abby: has attacked yesterday, this is performing for your country. this is something that has been done since we've had inauguration. toby keith is also someone performing. he is not backing down. i do not apologize for performing for country or military. i performed for president bush, obama and over 200 shows in iraq and afghanistan for the uso. that is an american hero right there to say i'm going to put it all aside and i'm going to be a patriot here. i am going to stand up and perform. trained to perform in to perform anything heroic act? you know what they mean, you
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shouldn't be that way. it is the threat, the assault, the protests. there were no protests like this in 2008. there were no non-jewish were no non-jewish in protest of barack obama. the tea party came about after in reaction to his policies. this is a permanent opposition be manufactured from the beginning. abby: eight years ago they did not 200,000 bikers coming to protect barack obama. because they didn't have to. clayton: i would love to hear this. go to our facebook page and weigh in on that. running feverishly through the studios are meant to to get in here. >> i just had to get up here. thank you. good morning, guys. we have this big ice storm. last week i mentioned the drive in california. all of the snow and all the rain in california appeared take a look at this where we are in a drought in california last week. asked for a year.
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this is a drought monitor going over the last year and here we are. the drought in northern california is gone because it has been greatly eliminated. more rain will start on wednesday to thursday. hopefully that will continue. into the central plains we still have this purple. that is an ice storm warning going on. where you see that it's rained, that is frozen surfaces and causing more and more ice to accumulate in the same spots where it was yesterday and it is going to continue the same spot for much of the day today. temperature wise, anywhere below 32 means of freezing when it makes contact. joplin missouri formed up a little bit. later on today and tomorrow, the warm air is going to live towards the north. we are going to move that i saw little bit further off towards the north. so a lot of energy across the four corners with texas and some severe weather, and maybe a
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tornado or two across texas. abby: keep an eye now. thanks, rick. other headlines this morning. inauguration officials have one chance to work out any kinks of the ceremony. in just a few hours, four u.s. army members will stand in for the president elect, vice president-elect and a wise to do a complete walk-through. it involves everything from if not details to standing. it is the end of an era for an iconic american attraction. >> welcome to the greatest show. abby: at ringling brothers and barnum and bailey closing up to 146 year run. that's unbelievable. due to declining ticket sales and constant fights with animal rights activists over the show -- they will be in rhode island in may. that is a bummer. some playoff football, new england patriots trampling 34-16 to advance their sick straight afc title game, pummeling the
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seattle seahawks 36-20. upstaged by a rendition of the national anthem by a saxophone player. ♪ [cheers and applause] ♪ [cheers and applause] ♪ abby: look at my arms.
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i have goosebumps. big lungs. it was. she sure debate questions of hillary clinton. donna brazil election regrets. >> i'm not going to sugarcoat it. we failed. we got cocky about our invincible blue ball. pete: what took so long? well her fellow democrat agree with her? protests breaking out across the country and even my plan for the inoculation. who is the more divisive, mr. trump are democrats? i will debate one of those protesters next. ♪ when you have something you love, you want to protect it. at legalzoom, our network of attorneys can help you every step of the way. with an estate plan including wills or a living trust
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and protect our lives. between election. >> you would acknowledge that on friday he will be the president of the united states. you may not deem him as legitimate, but you did say that
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they are going to have a dance party outside of the vice president's house. how was the dance party going to fix what you see is broken? >> well, you know, the dance party, on wednesday night outside a chevy chase, maryland, we invite everyone to join us. it is basically a celebration of diversity in celebration of choice in the lgbt community. clayton: you would recognize he got more support in certain minority communities and he won in the electoral college this democracy you're saying isn't happening. why is he not a choice of the people? >> you know, i think actually even a lot of people who voted for donald trump are starting to have doubts about him. i think there are a lot of people out there, who might have really not been happy with either choice.
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the organizers of this protest. we are here to provide a space for anyone who actually just wants to stand up and call for -- call for something better and really set a tone of resistance. abby: hey, lacey, did you vote this time? >> yes, indeed i voted. also, i was like many people in the united states. i didn't necessarily feel very happy with many of the major options. pete: you want to call for something better, but you are leading the resistance. i'm not sure how resistance leads to something better when you have a new president coming in to secure our border in things like that. >> welcome her with a strong showing among people who are in the labor movement, who are hard-working people, who are organized into unions and people who aren't organized into unions, who support these at work, hard work. absolutely, we think -- we
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abby: 25 minutes after the hour. considering a run for governor in 2018. the outspoken donald trump supporter has reportedly been discussing the prospective bid with a small circle of advisers. dnc chair admitting that the democrats got a little bit cocky. >> i am not going to sugarcoat it. we failed. we got cocky. about our invincible blue wall
3:25 am
and then we saw it crumbled because just a few thousand votes in pennsylvania, michigan and wisconsin. pete: abby: heller clinton was caught passing hillary clinton debate questions during the primary. abby: i do remember that. let's bring in nigel farage, one of our favorite guests here on "fox and friends sundays." your reaction to hearing donna brazil sanely got it wrong. what do you think? >> i think that is right. it's not the story of 2016.the remaining camp in my country.they would win and democrats that they would win and we had and we have these two big electoral surprises. we start this year. i think those of us have been wanting change for years, we start this year with more optimism than we've had for years. pete: some people not going in
3:26 am
with optimism at the american elites the american elite speared media, democrats, leftists, others are losing it if they don't know how to react to incoming trump administration. they protested throughout the. what do you make of that and how similar is that to what you saw in reaction to this up-tempo? >> it is still happening here. we still have many members of parliament saying it's all a terrible mistake. we must rerun the whole thing. this is not a size. the u.s. ambassador to the european union the other day, two days ago saying we must and reversed 50 years of american foreign policy towards the e.u. these guys have had it away for too long. they have lost in the important thing, the really important thing that i'm sure trump will do is to get rid of all those people and replace them with the new administration with new bureaucrats and the ambassadors who will help this program through. pete: you are being called nuts this morning by the obama camp.
3:27 am
and they are warning, the trump administration, to not beat duke by the likes of brexit of nigel farage. would you say to the obama administration this morning? >> the obama administration a part of this global elite. they love the european union because they saw as a prototype for a bigger form of world government, something infinitely better that hillary won they would try slowly but surely to send america up to. i've been called nuts for over 20 years. i am quite used to it. so nuts that helped precipitate a referendum for which we want and i'll give you one nutty prediction. the european union is dying. opposition to a spring in to a springing up north from the south, east, west of europe. we are headed towards a different way of organizing ourselves across the western world and it is a good thing. abby: i think you have proven your positions are so naïve. some of the left, including
3:28 am
president obama and their team proved that what happened in the u.k., this is not something that will last for a long period of time. what is your response to that? >> well again, aj shows they don't understand the new reality. 2016 was the year the voters, the little people as they call them, realize if they go down to the polling station and engage with the electoral process, they can topple the elites. now they've got a taste for it. they like it. they are excited by it. the sooner the obama administration and so many here in our media and in the house of the comments, we can start again with a clean sheet and say we are now going to be nationstates. democratic nationstates. we should trade with each other. we will be friends with each other, but will not give bureaucrats control of our lives ever again. clayton: you made the prediction that e.u. is outdated.
3:29 am
that doesn't mean it's right or the future. you see this spreading further? marine le pen in france visited trump tower, not necessarily mr. trump, but do you see other countries doing what the u.k. dead and when do you see that happening? >> well, i'll tell you what, the first big thing to watch are the elections of benevolence which take place in march. it was a very strong eurosceptic, also is some controversy, but a very strong critic of the netherlands membership. he is currently leading the opinion polls. she is currently favorite to win the french presidency, but expected to loosen the second round. these things happen right across europe. what i say is this. whether le pen wins or not or whether they win or don't, they will shift the center of gravity towards the world debate within
3:30 am
france and the netherlands. overnight, the deputy prime minister of the netherlands has said the board is in europe for a race to the bottom in terms of worker wages. whether we get the dramatic upset like trump and like brexit or not is hard to call at this moment. but don't rule it out. even if we don't, the argument is changing. abby: always great to talk to you. pete: nigel farage, thanks so much. if you between john lewis and donald trump. the president-elect gets bashed for defending himself. if the backlash they are the backlash fair? we'll debate it next. plus, is this what it's like when you visit your in-laws? >> i love my daughter. i love her more than anything. but frankly, sir, i'm a little terrified to be her son-in-law. pete: great movie. the study said in moscow be secret to a happy marriage. abby: hitting the ice. this is not your normal everyday race.
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pete: a snowboarder lucky to be alive after being caught in the clutches of an avalanche. the horrifying 22nd rtl caught on camera by his comment. the strange screech you heard of the life-saving airbag that pack used to protect snowboarders during an avalanche. train through the women in his family gave him not as a birthday gift this year. it ended up saving his life. >> it up and create space to get out if you are covered. abby: wow, glad that it works out. pete: this is a nice stocking stuffer. maybe i'll put it on today. abby: a group lunges down a cliff, seriously injuring five people. american and british tourists were on the new zealand bus when it plummeted down a bank and crashed into water below,
3:36 am
trapping at least one person underneath. 15 people on board at that time. the cause of the crash still under investigation. the mysterious death hiring up -- firing up your found out earlier this week. alex dean hiller one of the dozen who was stationed who has died since november. the army says it all plays not suspected in the 23-year-old case that they are completely ruling that allowed as they could not pay for more investigation. 80 years of the making, the stories i believe will. a girl kidnapped eight hours after birth, finally meets her biological parents. police tracking her down through dna testing. command moakley's father said he always knew this day would come. >> i never gave up hope. i always thought i would find her. abby: the woman who allegedly stole her allegedly stole their effort is facing life in prison on kidnapping charges.
3:37 am
the atl at posting this picture with the two of them on facebook save my mother is no felon. the secret to a happy marriage apparently is that your spouse. if the hamas. >> i love your daughter, jack. i love her more than anything. but frankly, i'm a little terrified to be her son-in-law. abby: new couples are more happy if they get along with a loss. it is more important for the husband because women tend to be closer to their parents. pete: i buy that. absolutely. mr. bill in-laws makes for a miserable marriage. responding georgia congressman john lewis assertion his presidency was not legitimate. mr. trump tweeted this. john lewis should spend more time on fixing and helping his district which is in horrible shape and falling apart, not to mention i'm invested rather than falsely claiming about election results. all talk, no action and bad. democrats are fund-raising of a
3:38 am
defeated and are a nation at twitter firestorm with people i congressman you that clark tweeted this. donald trump is sent to polish john lewis is boos. is this fair? danielle maclaughlin and spokesperson for the chunk campaign, katrina piercing. anytime i hear people are fund-raising on the backs of something, my antennae go up like a grasshopper. it seems to me this is all some sort of larger plan. do you buy the argument, is john lewis untouchable? >> john lewis is an american hero. democrats are fund-raising because the donald trump is completely and utterly unacceptable. this is a man who marched and had a price tag bombed so we could be more free and more equal. this is a man who stands for american values. what he's talking about when he talks about the legitimacy of the election is the involvement of a foreign state that favored
3:39 am
donald trump to win the election. he says what he thinks. what happened here was donald trump blew it. he blew it big-time. he could've said i understand what is going on and he could have reached out to mr. lewis, to representative lewis. but instead, he just slammed him. >> your response to this? >> well, one of the things she thought about john lewis was the fact she attacked donald trump and donald trump also has a first amendment right to defend himself. this criticism is not fair and it never supposed to be fair for republicans because republicans are supposed down, shut up and be publicly humiliated. donald trump entered the arena and said several times he attacked me i'll hit you back. that's exactly what happened here. this is the democrats do. they pick a fight and they play the victim. that's all that's happening here. pete: here is what piers morgan had to say. he said john lewis trashes trump
3:40 am
is illegitimate so is the pot back, but only trump is the villain. bring up the civil rights legacy that donald trump did mention at all. the illegitimacy by foreign governments and our election yet there is no evidence that would sway the election. what is he talking about? >> the reporting on the intelligence community did look whether with the russian involvement. but many talk about is the fact that donald trump in eight years try to delegitimize president obama number one. looking for when the birth certificate was produced. i think what trump has lost her son on the moral authority because he stood on the sideline and try to delegitimize the current president, but he did what he needs to get done. pete: are doing this is payback. donald trumps further movement
3:41 am
and this is simply payback for the illegitimacy trump is trying to voice about president obama. >> this is absolutely payback. i'll have to disagree. this does in her donald trump's political clout. it gains because he is someone standing up for himself. let's talk about illegitimate claim here is was some regard to russia. it was a russia told hillary clinton to set up the secret server. it wasn't russia to attend thousands of people all over this country for donald trump. hillary clinton could name until high school. beyoncé and jc couldn't bring the crowd that donald trump out all over this country. what they are doing is besmirching the american public and these election results because john lewis of all people should know that maybe they didn't support hillary clinton. after all, he's the one that dumped clinton in 2008 for president obama. why is it all of a sudden a problem other people do it too? pete: we appreciate you debating us this morning. thanks so much. 6:40 in the morning.
3:42 am
melting some eyes. [inaudible] clayton: nader for me. reporter: bore for me. we will try it again. ice skating go in on. we love getting up at 5:00 in the morning for ice skating. this is the bass. a lot of ice-skating going on. take a look at the map. the area and purple is where we will have the worst of this. by the time this is done, over an inch of ice accumulating on any major tree damage, major power outages. tomorrow's up towards the north into its aims, iowa. maybe even up towards the minneapolis area. take a look today across the northeast was the mid-atlantic, more clearing today. little bit of rain moving across parts of the central appalachians. a chilly day as well. down across the southeast,
3:43 am
incredibly warm, but we are going to watch the storms. finally a little bit further towards the north. be very careful out on those routes. right on cue. are you all right? are you okay? we are going to make sure he's all right here. pete: at happens. it's live television. we will check it out. the "washington post" under fire again for playing fast and loose with the facts. details next. abby: plus, we'll be back after this. now it's good for us all. like introverts. extroverts. (cheering) and even bert. man you gotta' try this sandwich.
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pete: before we went to break him a bit of a spill out there. how is he doing? reporter: are you all right after that wipeout? you are totally good ?-que?-que stion-mark >> yes, totally good. reporter: he is trust. stay upright. back to you. pete: good for you. we will be out there doing the same thing shortly. the "washington post" under fire once again for playing fast and loose with the facts to make the president-elect looked at. let's get reaction on map from dan gaeta with the media research center. he joins us this morning from washington d.c. good morning. there's a story yesterday about how the general in charge of the inauguration claims that he was fired or that goal because that 12 noon, he is done in the next guy comes in. turns out the trump administration offered to get in through the day to stay on the job, but the media, "washington post" never asked the trump folks would really happen. why does the "washington post"
3:48 am
did not the "washington post" and outlets immediately jumped to a one-sided narrative. >> because they've been trump as the enemy. you've got this situation. who is very much like the power grid story. they released the story saying that russia had the power grid. they fit their narrative. this whole russian hacking, helping trump then. but of course they find out the worst "washington post" never even contacted the company until after the story post it. we find there was a bogus story. one person got ma where. the corrections are always very deep in the paper. the headlines always dominate. pete: they fancied themselves watchdogs. but if nobody is watchdogging done and they are being biased and one-sided, how did they get the truth? in this case, literally speaking the narrative is look at the nasty trump folks fire in this
3:49 am
general in the middle of the night duration when he instead decided he doesn't want to be a part of that second part of the day. how does that come out and how did they not do the basic fact check? >> well, they have an agenda. that's what it comes down to. thankfully there are watchdogs like us. it's important to remember here we are at the week of the non-girl three months ago. the "washington post" was talking about trump's breathtaking review to accept the election results. three months later you pick up the paper today and they are warning about the rise of hyper partisanship that they helped create. it is complete cluelessness. the mac it is. it's a one-sided good by newly exposed by mr. tom himself. when is able to stand at a podium or a tweet or go above them, it sends them absolutely sick. do you see them changing at all? >> i see them getting worse.
3:50 am
91% of coverage of trump. it's hard to find any positive coverage of trump. even the media then are enforced with relations with russia are improving. i don't know why they think standing up to china is a bad thing, standing up to russia is somehow something we have to do. it seems like we should try to figure out some foreign policy where we are not going to war with any major nations, but we are not letting them roll over countries as well. pete: thanks for watchdogging them. you are right. the "washington post" and "the new york times" are indicting themselves. appreciate you being here this morning. a broadway star backs out of performing at the night duration after backlash from the left. but did she really need to apologize? we will look at that. plus, "strange inheritance" is back for a new season and it kicks off with a piece of presidential history. she joins us live with the preview. there she is, next.
3:51 am
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abby: the hit tv series "strange inheritance" returns this week with 20 new episodes. the fox business network just in time for a migration day. one episode features a family who inherits a mallet that was made in use by one of america's most beloved presidents. >> andras alyce and keith carter think they have confirmed that a 150-year-old family story about her strange inheritances true. that once belonged to abraham lincoln. >> our enthusiasm didn't really start until tom brought this information forth. it is really incredible. >> post a strange pair of kids, great to see you. >> hey, guys. they see it. i've been on the road almost a
3:55 am
year. pete: we've got this map, just give you an example. look at this. have you been to all 50 states yet for crying out loud? >> i think probably we have come close to the three seasons so far. we crossed the pond twice. we found jane austen's rank this season, one that the u.k. didn't even know existed. i've got to tell you this particular episode to air on a moderation day, abe lincoln's rail splitting mallet, i got excited the minute i saw it. the family of course waited to make sure with authenticated and it is the real deal. he was a carpenter in the early years that his father made cabinet and this is now an abc of an indiana. we got to see it. not only did i get to see it, check this out. i got to hold it. pete: and how do you land these amazing stories? >> an outcome at this point
3:56 am
after being on for two seasons on the fox business network every night, viewers have started to read us. you think you've seen a car rs.lection, insect collection, wait until you see what i've got. 11 of those 28 episodes are based on viewer submission to the next thing they know, they read us. the next day we called them and i'm in their living room. abby: you have been traveling the country and say what is the most memorable experience that you have had? >> you know, the family is irish memorable in their own way. someone loved them enough to bestow upon them a legacy in an item. they want to do right by that very same. sometimes it's valuable, sometimes it is a huge burden. the bug collection creeped me out, but i have to say putting on jane austen's ring that may have been an engagement ring, who knows. you have to watch the episode to see. abby: i am so jealous of that,
3:57 am
try it on that ring. >> is a privilege to meet the families. 28 episodes over the last year with a huge crew. check out abe lincoln's rail splitting mallet. what made him president? afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine.
3:58 am
all seems beautiful to me.
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4:00 am
abby: good morning, everybody, happy sunday, it is january 15th. it is the war of words dominating the headlines this morning. >> i don't see this president-elect as a legitimate president. abby: now the left is outraged after mr. trump tired back at congressman -- fired back at congressman john lewis. clayton: and after another singer dropped out of mr. trump's inauguration, we asked, do we even care? isn't this about the people who put the president-elect in the white house in the first place? we speak to a member of that
4:01 am
silent majority this hour. clayton: and you hear her now? one woman's aback for bad cell phone service. [laughter] it really is the most amazing video you're going to see all morning. pete: like slow drive-through. clayton: "fox & friends" hour two starts right now. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ abby: that's actually right outside our studios right there in the plaza. we built our own ice skating rink, well, we didn't build it -- peter: how do you survive this winter? i'm sure in minnesota -- clayton: yeah. pete: played a lot of boot hockey --
4:02 am
abby: what's the difference? pete: we wear boots. but as far as my skating skills, very marginal. alabama -- abby: we're going to see later on in the show. clayton: i've only skated twice. abby: you said you've never skated your whole life. clayton: it's gown to -- going o be funny. peter: speaking of awkward, how about what's unfolding right now in washington? remember yesterday we played you the sound of john lewis talking about -- civil rights icon -- talking about the illegitimacy of the trump presidency. he's not going to go to the inauguration, and donald trump fired back yesterday on twitter saying congressman john lewis should spend more time fixing and helping his districts which is fall being apart rather than falsely complaining about the election results. all talk, talk, talk, no action or results. sad. he didn't impugn his civil rights legacy --
4:03 am
abby: and that happened during our show yesterday when he was tweeting, and the aftermath has been insane. the democrats that are piling on top, no surprise here -- pete: and republicans. abby: here's nancy pelosi, ahead of mlk day 2017, let us remember many have tried to silence john lewis, none have succeeded. peter: and bill kristol says i'm afraid be donald trump treats vladimir putin with more respect than he does john lewis. be. clayton: he was a part of the never trump -- pete: yeah. abby: still seems to be. pete: he was beaten and jailed for a stance that was incredibly honorable, but if you look at mr. trump's tweet, people go nut, and they don't look at the context. you say, listen, congress
4:04 am
talking and talking and talking and getting nothing done doesn't mean what he did in the past wasn't legit, it just means, hey, why are you calling me illegitimate? clayton: watch this coverage of how they followed this. >> donald trump taking on a civil rights icon. the war of words with congressman john lewis, with what the president-recollect -- president-elect sparking outrage. >> the president-elect, donald trump, fires back at the civil rights hero who called him an illegitimate president. >> trump also accused lewis of being all talk, talk, talk, no action, a charge that seemed to ignore lewis' history; beaten and jailed in the struggle for civil rights. abby: you know -- clayton: seemed to? i don't buy that. abby: because the tweet had nothing to do with his past. what i will remind people of, and t hard to remember when you
4:05 am
watch that coverage, who threw the first punch here, right? who started this war of words? it was john lewis who said he is boycotting this inauguration. that, you could argue, should never -- clayton: firing back at that saying, no, wait a second, donald trump claimed president barack obama was basically an illegitimate president with the birther movement, and you're seeing this now in their campaign fundraising. democrats are fundraising on john lewis' comments. pete: and we're going to ask kellyanne conway about all of this at 8:30, but tell me again why this is about race. tell me again why what donald trump tweeted about was at all about civil rights or race? regardless of how you want to see his, you know, made a comment about the president not being legitimate who just won the election. the president strikes back and suddenly now it's about civil rights? abby: no, that's a good point.
4:06 am
it seems like so often it turns back to race because that's not at all what mr. trump was tweet about. and as we talked yesterday, democrats are still very much in denial. i find it kind of sad that we are just days away now from the inauguration, and there is this war over what's going on. the country needs healing. pete: we spoke to a protester in the 6:00 hour who said if donald trump becomes president, she's still using the language -- it's like what world do youly in? clayton: they're not going to know how to handle themselves. jennifer holliday, pop singer, she was going to be performing at trump's inauguration -- pete: she agreed to -- yeah. clay che now she sends out this apology, and she's saying i sincerely apologize for being uneducated on the issues that affect every american at this crucial time in history. she is now back out of performing at trump's --
4:07 am
abby: yeah, but, you know, so this is ultimately all about her because what is being reported is that she ultimately read an article in the daily beast that made her change her mind. pete: after she agreed to do it. abby: the article was jennifer holliday will perform at trump's inauguration which is heartbreaking to gay fans to which she thought, well, i need my gay fans with me. she backed out of this because of this article that she realize. pete: but, again, and remind me who was the first candidate at the republican convention to talk about lgbt issues? it was donald trump. you know what i mean? the hysteria here, they'll find any angle. clayton: when she initially agreed to do it, she said this is for the people, this is for the people. and then suddenly when she gets a little pushback, it's not for the people anymore. abby: it makes me appreciate the performers will be there, three doors down, as we announce
4:08 am
yesterday, toby keith, whos has said i'm proud to be performing. i love toby keith. clayton: siri wanted to may toby keith. [laughter] pete: rick reichmuth is outside on the ice skating rink this morning with a hook at the forecast. >> because it went well last time. take a look at the weather maps, guys. really kind of apropos because of all the ice we have across parts of the central plains. here's our storm that we're watching, it's across parts of the southwest, and that is what is going to pull in across parts of texas later on, threats for severe weather, but we still have the icing going on, and that icing is going to continue to be severe throughout the afternoon and into tomorrow. but it will lift a little farther off towards the north. 31 in kansas city, 43 in dallas. to the north of that where you
4:09 am
see that purple, that's where we have the ice storm warning going on. kind of interstate 35 headed up through kansas and i-70 and i-40, those are going to be the dangerous spots. once you have ice on those roads, there's nothing you can do, not even a four-wheel drive. i do want to show you the next few days because we warm up a lot this week. behind this storm it does not stay incredibly cold. by thursday we're all the way back up towards 40 in marquette, michigan. enough to freeze this ice out here on this skating rink. pete: not a single person watching your weather maps, we're watching the kids. [laughter] abby: we've been talking about courage all morning long, where is your courage? >> listen, you're a newbie on this show. abby: oh! >> you haven't seen some of the trouble we've had on skates over the years.
4:10 am
11 years, knee surgeries -- pete: don't rest on your laurels. clayton: rick had to have reconstructive knee surgery thanks to wearing skates on this show one time. >> and an ambulance. clayton: you can see his trepidation. somebody pull that tape. abby: incoming white house press secretary sean spicer slamming a report that president-elect trump will hold his first trip with vladimir putin. 100% false. sunday times reported mr. trump was seeking to have a summit with putin in iceland as soon as he gets in office. and a week of planned protests kicking off in a cold and rainy washington, d.c. yesterday. >> no peace, no justice.
4:11 am
abby: thousands joined the reverend al sharpton for a civil rights march. and nationwide 50 cities hosting pro-immigrant rallies in defiance of mr. trump's pledge to crack down on illegals. also this morn being -- morning, a twist in the mysterious case of a man who jumped out of a plane with 200 grand strapped to his back. finish he may have been a contractor. cooper famously hijacked a plane in 1971 before collecting ransom money and parachuting out of the back. the fbi closing the case last july after the 45-year-old trail went cold. and the houstons got trounced by the patriots and the falcons pummeling the seattle seahawks but the game upstaged
4:12 am
by an awesome rendition of the national anthem. listen. ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause] ♪ [cheers and applause] abby: that's america. a little saxophone, american flag and later bit of football. love it. clayton: fantastic. president obama back to blaming fox news for his presidential
4:13 am
failures. >> some commentators on fox news. i think they created an environment in which republican voters would punish republicans for cooperating with me. che clay some members of his own party are back to blaming bush. so is that fair? we'll debate it next. pete: plus, hello, operator. i'd like to leave a message for the president. >> the comment line is currently closed, but your comment is important to the president. [laughter] clayton: very important. pete: listen to the public. ♪ ♪ hi my name is tom. i'm raph. my name is anne. i'm one of the real live attorneys you can talk to through legalzoom. don't let unanswered legal questions hold you up,
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4:17 am
abby: welcome back. we are nearly $20 trillion in debt now and house minority leader nancy pelosi says former president george w. bush and not president obama shoulders the blame for over $9 trillion in debt the nation has amassed during the past eight years in office. listen to this. >> much of the increase in the national debt that has occurred during this time still springs from two unpaid-for wars. absent the work of president obama, this national debt would be even higher. abby: so who is really to blame here? chuck roach cha is the president of solidarity strategies, matt schlapp is former deputy assistant and political director for president bush.
4:18 am
good morning to both of you. i want to start with you, matt. it seems like the theme for democrats lately has been the blame game. it's anybody else's fault. >> yeah. and i just love nancy close city bringing -- moses bring -- pelosi bringing up unfunded wars when intelligence reports have been widely reported that the taliban decided not to attack america again because of the war in afghanistan. so it's amazing that, you know, defending the country from terrorists is now just considered wasteful washington spending. and at what point will the democrats get to the point where they, you know, take responsibility for their own actions in the last eight years president obama has added more to the federal debt than any president in the history of the country. by some statistics, more deficit spending under obama than all the presidents before him combined.
4:19 am
i'd like the democrats to take just a little bit of respondent be here, abby. abby: chuck, who is to blame here? >> well, i think there's a lot of people to blame, and i think nancy pelosi does bring up a good point that these wars were not funded. but i think there's a lot of blame to go around on both sides of the aisle, i think that's why the popularity of the guys on capitol hill is at 18 or 20%. when you run to the extreme right and left, you leave out a lot of hard working americans in the middle, and they want to see results. they want to see job creation, so i don't think throwing hate at either side is the solution. abby: matt, there's certainly not been a focus on handling our debt. >> look, i agree with chuck, it's not like republicans have clean hands here. one of the big mistakes we've made under the obama administration is that actually
4:20 am
john boehner and now paul ryan and mitch mcconnell, they've done a pretty good job with the tiny little sliver of spending that's called discretionary spending which is what you all have to cover when government's getting shut down. but the 90% of government that matters which is about these entitlements, we actually spend very little time talking about. i think as we get into the repeal of obamacare and we start talking about medicare and medicaid, we can move to a conversation about social security. if we don't solve these problems, these programs won't be around, and if the debt keeps growing, we'll have no future. abby: i think we can all agree on that one. chuck and matt, good to see you both. all right. a long list of celebrities and musicians are refusing to participate in the inauguration, but one of trump's proud deplorables right there joining us next. and can you hear mow? one woman's payback for bad cell phone service. this is hilarious. ♪ ♪
4:21 am
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4:24 am
♪ ♪ pete: spacex is celebrating its first successful launch and landing in almost five years. watch this. >> 3, 2, 1. liftoff of the falcon 9. pete: ground crews cheering at vandenberg air force base in california as the stage i rocket returned, just sets itself back down on the pad. it's the first successful launch since a rocket exploded in florida in september. and it's the end of an era
4:25 am
for an american attraction. >> welcome to the greatest show on earth! pete: ringling brothers circus closing after 146 years due to declining ticket sales. the last show is set for may. ♪ and i am telling you -- abby: well, those lyrics say it all, she is not going. yesterday broadway star jennifer holliday announced she would no longer be performing at donald trump's inauguration welcome concert. pete: she is the latest in a long list of celebrities who have refused to participate in the event. clayton: joining us now is trump supporter and carrier employee robert maynard. nice to see you this morning. >> good morning.
4:26 am
thank you for having me. clayton: so you see these celebrities backing out, death threats. does this surprise you? >> not, i meaning or not really. i'm not the big welcoming party and stuff like that's not about me. i'm about getting donald trump into office and getting him inaugurated and letting him to what he says he's going to do for us. abby: do you think the american people even care what celebrities think? you look at how the election played out, hillary clinton had every star you could name up on stage with her trying to get her elected. mr. trump was the opposite of that. he said i'm doing this for the american people, he said the inauguration will be the same thing. do people actually care about what celebrities think? >> personally i don't because, you know, not about the party and the enthusiasm there, it's more about getting him into office and seeing what he can do for the american people and
4:27 am
trying to turn america around again. pete: you know, mr. trump talked a lot about the silent majority, those folks in the middle of the country who voted him into office, who broke that blue wall. you're one of them, a lot of people out there watching are part of those deplorables who voted for mr. trump. what does inauguration day, what does it mean to you? what's the feeling you're going to have on that day? >> excitement, a chance for hope to see america changed and turned around and put him into office and see what he can do for us and get us back on the right path. the way we're supposed to be going. clayton: you work at carrier, your job was saved when the company worked out that agreement with president-elect trump to keep jobs here in the united states. what more do you want to see happen under a trump presidency? >> america going in the right
4:28 am
direction again, jobs being kept here for the blue collar workers and not taken out of the country to, like, mexico, china, wherever. and a lot of our big manufacture beers are wanting to go -- manufacturers are wanting to go for the cheaper labor, and cheaper or labor is not always the best way to go. quality is the, what america stands on. abby: robin, you have a number of democrats who are saying that it's illegitimate, he's going to be an illegitimate president. what is your message to democrats that don't want to accept p the fact that he ultimately won the election? >> a lot of people didn't, on the republican side, didn't complain and throw fits about obama getting elected the second term. we stood behind him as our president, and what i would like for the democratic party to do is get behind our president because he was elected, stand
4:29 am
behind him and back him 100% and try and make america great again. pete: good message, robin. thanks for joining us this morning, we appreciate it. it's true, the president said he was going to fundamentally transform america in 2008, and there weren't protests on inauguration day. abby: it's important to hear from the american people, because that's who matters here. pete:ing up, thousands of protesters hitting the streets. abby: plus, stuart very or think and ed henry, kellyanne conway all joining us live this morning. clayton: and it looks and smells and even tastes like a real hamburger, but it's not. people eating it can't tell difference. we'll tell you what it is, it's the new veggy burger. ♪ ♪
4:30 am
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♪ ♪ pete: thousands of protesters hitting the streets to air their grievances ahead of the inauguration. abby: the reverend al sharpton in the thick of it all. clayton: fox news is following
4:34 am
the latest on the inauguration. abby: came back for more p matt, good to see you. >> good morning, guys and good morning to everyone at home. anti-trump activists are kicking off a week of protests in washington and nationwide, the biggest expected the day after the inauguration. the reverend al sharpton leading a march in d.c. yesterday with thousands of protesters joining him. sharpton called on march chers to oppose trump and his nominee for more attorney general, alabama senator jeff sessions, who's been accused of racism. sharpton says he dislikes sessions so much, he covered his trademark mane. >> i'm so mad at sessions, i put on a hat and covered up my hair. [laughter] and i ain't covered up my hair in a long time. >> protesters also plan to disrupt the inauguration by blocking security entrances and even scheduling a dance party outside of the vice president-elect's home.
4:35 am
one protest organizer says the demonstrations aren't intended to cause a divide. >> we are not driving the divisiveness, we're actually just protecting people whose lives and livelihoods actually may be endangered under what would be a trump presidency and trump policies, things that he's already been talking about. >> the women against trump march scheduled for saturday is expected to draw upwards of 200,000 people. washington police and the national guard are heavily beefing up security in an effort to keep everyone safe, and i guess that sharpton hat comment up for interpretation. pete: we're supposed to be dis appointed that we don't get to see his hair? [laughter] is that a thing? abby: thank you, matt. clayton: you're going to know when i'm angry, i'll wear a hat. abby: i spent the weekend in mobile, alabama, where jeff sessions calls home, and it was amazing the disconnect between
4:36 am
the people who know him well and the headlines that you read about jeff sessions and him, you know, being called a racist. i walked away from there thinking, you know what? this represents what happens, there is such a disconnect between what we're hear anything the media and what's really happening on the ground -- clayton: the twitter mob mentality. when there's no basis for it, you go back 30 years, then everyone gets this mob mentality on twitter -- abby: so easy to jump and pile on. all right, to some other headlines this morning. dnc chair donna brazile admitting that the democrats got cocky. >> i'm not going to sugar coat it. we failed. we got cocky about our invincible blue wall, and then we saw it crumble because just a few thousand votes in pennsylvania, michigan and wisconsin. abby: you'll remember brazilu was caught passing hillary clinton debate questions during
4:37 am
the primary. >> thank you for calling the white house comments line. the comment line is currently closed, but your comment is important to the president. [laughter] abby: so the white house comments phone line, run by volunteers, has been shut down apparently for weeks now. the recorded message assuring callers that the lame duck is still interested in their grievances, urging them the send any comments in online. hockey is known as a violent sport but things got a little out of hand when the minnesota wild were celebrating their mascot's birthday at a recent game. >> go ahead. oh! you hit the pinata, keep swinging, keep swinging! abby: urging the team mascot with a bat after a cake was thrown this his face. they say we apologize to anyone
4:38 am
offended by the mascot skit. >> this is hockey. what do they do in hockey? they fight. abby: would you eat this burger? there is a catch, of course. that's not actually meat. a very life-like imitation made for vegetarians and vegans so realistic that it even bleeds. the patty is made to look and just like a beef burger. currently, it's only available in major cities like l.a. and new york. clayton: they said it's not about, we don't care about the vegans and the vegetarians, we want the people that eat meat. so they've done these blind taste tests with it, and people can't tell the difference. it sizzles just like a real burger, and they can't tell a difference. pete: if you put bacon on your veggy burger -- [laughter] abby: i'm concerned about the red juice coming out.
4:39 am
what is that? pete: why do we try to recreate meat so much? abby: hey, people have their reasons. clayton: well, the kids are having fun outside on the ice. rick knows firsthand these segments don't always go how you want. take a look what happened last year when he ran right into a wall. had to get reconstructive knee surgery. abby: hey, you look like you're having a ball. pete: yeah, clayton is not concerned about his injured colleague. clayton: no one really knew, right, rick? >> the jeans split and then there was blood. it ripped the skin open, stitches, ambulance, the whole thing. abby: watch clayton, he doesn't even care. >> you know what? i'm a little bit competitive. clayton: i look good. [laughter] >> we, somebody said race to the
4:40 am
wall, and i'm like, okay. just say race and i'm in. and then you start racing and about 10 feet away from the wall, it was like, oh, no, there's a wall there, and i don't know how to stop. abby: it's a good thing that you've got colleagues that care about you, rick, that stood up to help you recover -- clayton: you can see my audio saying this is not going to end well. let'ses race to a brick wall. >> how now here we are on ice skates again, which is why i'm towering over dean and tommy. welcome. thank you for bringing this ice skating rink to us. >> pleasure. >> you guys have been doing this for 40 years, and by the way, a lot of times there's water slides in the summer and blow-up mountains that we climb, that's all you guys. >> yes, absolutely. >> now it's winter time, and it's synthetic skating. this is not ice actually. really looks like an ice rink out here. tell me about this. >> so they're plastic panels, more or less, and we pray --
4:41 am
spray like a silicone spray over top. and you can bring it indoors, outdoors, to any kind of party or event. >> now, a lot of these kids are wiping out. is that because it's different than ice or -- >> it's a little bit different than ice. a little different than ice, a little more friction. takes a little getting used to, but after some practice, you can definitely master it and do mostly everything you can do on ice. >> it's probably a little bit safer, not as hard as falling on ice. >> very true. >> how much does something like this run if somebody wanted to rent this for, like, a party or something for their kid? >> so it's based on size. it can range anywhere from 2500 all the way up to $4,000. >> not bad for somebody that wants to throw a big party. >> fundraisers are great, it's a big attention grabber, draws a lot of crowds. >> why aren't you in skates out here? >> i'm scared i'm going to take a fall. [laughter] >> there you go, there you go.
4:42 am
the owner doesn't want to put on the skates. we'll see if we can change that this morning. >> okay. >> thank you more bringing this. the kids are all having fun. pete: rick, don't keep your hands in your pockets. >> this is balance, guys. abby: thank you, rick. pete: coming up, china expected to make a big push to become the new leader of the global economy. how could president-elect trump respond to that? stuart varney is here to discuss, there he is. clayton: plus, we told you yesterday about the family tree web site that gives out all of your personal information. straight ahead, we crashed their web site with so many viewers trying to remove their personal data. ♪ ♪
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4:46 am
♪ clayton: it's that tame of year -- time of year, thousands of international leaders heading to davos. abby: china's president expected to push for globalization while warning populism could lead to war and poverty. what should we expect? be. pete: here to weigh in is the host of "varney & company" on the fox business channel, stuart varney. i think my invitation was lost this the mail, i don't know about yours -- >> they wouldn't allow me in. [laughter] pete: what are they talking about? >> this is the week when trump's america first policy clashes directly with the globalization, open borders crowd in davos. the keynote speech on tuesday, actually, will be from china's leader, and he's going to say that he's going to lead china's new role as a leader in promoting globalization. there you have it, trump versus china in davos writ large on the world stage. big deal. pete: so when we think of
4:47 am
globalization, open borders, free trade, is that what he's saying? because i don't buy it. >> at the moment the trade agreements around the world work very much to china's advantage. they've got good access to all major markets around the world. trump wants to reverse that to some degree. how much, we don't know, but he wants the reverse it. so here you have a lot of noise going to be made. the elites, they've all gathering there. this is the top media people, business executive, government, the whole ball of wax. they're all there in the alps in davos -- abby: they're all there. >> and china's leader's going to address them and say, hey, globalization is great. pete: what are they going to do? how are they going to stop what trump -- he clearly has the pulse of people who want borders, they want america first. >> oh, i think they're in trouble because voters around the world are beginning to say, hold on a minute, this globalization isn't necessarily working for us. however, i've got to say that trump's america first policy is
4:48 am
enjoying a large degree of success which is being ignored because of all the noise being made about the inaugust ration -- inauguration on the left. look at this. ford motor company has said, no, we're not going to build that plant in mexico. instead, we're going to put $700 million into a plant in michigan. ibm has said we're going to create 25,000 new jobs in the next five years, quality jobs. but the biggest deal of all is amazon -- abby: huge. >> amazon is going to create 100,000 full-time, full-benefit jobs in the next 18 months in the united states. abby: well, and, stuart, he's not even in office yet. you think about, you reverse this and think about president obama before he came in, if this were taking place, that's all mainstream media would be talking about. pete: that's why i'm so tired this morning, so much winning. [laughter] i'm already getting tired. >> well, i just gave you three examples, there's a lot more. pete: exactly. >> there's a stack of companies. but they're trying to get on
4:49 am
trump's good side because they don't want to be pressured by the incoming president of the united states. clayton: well, and you bring up a great point. amazon, we heard word of this mysterious wireless network they want to set up in washington state, and they want the trump administration's approval to be able to test this new wireless system -- >> and let's not forget, amazon's found per, jeff bezos, also owns outright "the washington post", the most vehemently anti-trump publication at this point, so maybe amazon is beginning to say we don't want problems with mr. trump, so 100,000 new jobs, extra program up there in washington state, and it's working. pete: if he does change the regulatory and tax environment, that's going to benefit them. >> that is the carrot. we'll give you lower taxes and deregulation, stay in america, grow in america, that's my message. abby: well, you may not be invited to davos, but you're always invited here.
4:50 am
>> 7:49 on a sunday morning. clayton: we don't have the caviar. abby: we've still got a huge show ahead. ed henry, south carolina senator tim scott to discuss trump's battle with congress congressman john lewis. clayton: but up next, a web site that reveals where you live and all your friends and family live. the big update we showed you yesterday on that web site. ♪ ♪ ith the number one choice of dentists. philips sonicare removes significantly more plaque versus oral-b 7000. experience this amazing feel of clean.
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clayton: yesterday we told you about a free genealogy web site called that is
4:54 am
revealing a startling amount of your personal information online and, of course, you responded. abby: we had so many of you protecting yourselves from that site that it totally crashed. is so now that it's active again -- >> this is rare. people do it in droves, and these web sites including, they weren't prepared for our viewers finish. clayton: so everyone jumped on the web site to go to the opt-out -- >> it looks like that. at the very bottom of that page, you're going to want to find the link that says privacy. it's a tiny word at the bottom. then you will see all the fine print at the end of section one, find opt9-out. it's a tiny little link. then you're going to follow by putting in your name, year of birth, city you live in, and you're going to look at that result.
4:55 am
so you search for yourself, you confirm that that is your identity, and then you pull that opt-out trigger which is a red box at the top of the page. i'm telling you, this is amazing -- abby: i tried that yesterday after the segment. >> it crashed, right? abby: you said protect yourself, so i did this. it totally crashed. you did not warn me -- clayton: i did it before the segment, before our viewers got a chance. i opted out ahead of time, but, again, this stuff is all public record, so this site has -- abby: you could find it somewhere else. >> the reason this is so controversial is that for the majority of the other public data-mining sites, it's a little of a hrding to get -- hurdle -- clayton: you have to pay for it. >> you either have to pay for it, or you're registering to get to that information. this one, however, is putting everything about you out for the open, every address you've lived at -- clayton: have they responded? >> not to me. they're probably not real happy
4:56 am
with me right now. [laughter] so the reality is, you know, no. i'm just saying there is about this much we can do to regain some of our privacy in life. this is one thing you're going to want to do. and so you go to you can just go to "fox & friends," our facebook page, i have put the step by step directions so that it's really, really clear. boy, are we getting a lot of questions from people. clayton: we can do this, we just can't stop the nsa from reading our e-mails. >> that and elvis, it's going to keep on going. abby: thanks for crashing the site. >> it crashed. i didn't crash it, it crashed. [laughter] clayton: democrats and which she canities rushing to -- celebrities rushing to create site trump. abby: kellyanne conway joins us live in studio in just about 30 minutes to react to all that backlash. ♪ ♪ ♪
4:57 am
4:58 am
4:59 am
befi was active.gia, ♪
5:00 am
♪ >> good morning happy sunday, everyone. it is january 15th. i'm abby huntsman. first to question the legitimacy of president-elect. >> i don't see president-elect as a legitimate president. abby: now the left is in an uproar as the left fire back at john luis. so is the left immune to criticism? >> and president obama continue his farewell tour as they take another shot at president trump and his campaign strategy. >> because he ran an improvisational campaign. >> can you run an improvisational presidency? >> i don't think so. >> improvisational winning. kellyanne conway is here to
5:01 am
weigh in this hour. >> and singer drops out of president trump's inauguration as she was ashamed by the liberal media. fox and friends hour three starts right now. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> it's 8:00 a.m. they've got their own ice skating rink outside, and synchronized ice skating team doing this. >> i didn't even know there was synchronized ice skating. >> later you're going to be in a lef leotard and learn how
5:02 am
to do. >> earlier in the show you're, like, you know, i'm pretty good at skating. >> i ordered a pink leotard, do you have one? >> i'll do whatever he asks. that will be so synchronized, it won't be even funny. >> we'll be skating later in the show. >> like the sumo wrestler commercial. that will be me. >> i cannot wait for that. we do have other headlines to get to this morning. inaugural helen officials have one chance at today's duress referral in just a few hours, four army generals will stand in for president-elect and their wives to do the complete walk through. it involves everything moving around with the protected detail to standing for the oath. well, the deputy for iran issued a stern warning to president-elect trump over the newark iran deal. he said the country will
5:03 am
refuse to negotiate or change the deal as trump has previously hinted at. comes at the one year remark of the start. and the heartwarming, a girl kidnapped just eight hours after birth finally meets her biological parents. police tracking her down through dna testing. the father always knew that this day would come. listen. >> never give up hope. >> the woman who allegedly stole her at birth is allegedly facing life in prison on kidnapping charges. however, posting the two of them on facebook saying my mother is no felon. can you hear me now? a woman going to extreme measures to get pay back against t-mobile look at this. driving her suv right through the store. in palm springs, florida. once inside, she smashed
5:04 am
display cases, ranted about getting poor service on her birthday. estimated about 30,000. >> so she got got out and started smashing inveigh cases. >> if it's an accident, it's fast. she's slow. she's, like, driving through. and then to follow through. >> you're right. it's like a slow drive. >> she's, like, i hate your service. i'm going to drive slowly through your window. >> well, let's talk about what's happening inauguration day. some celebrities totally backing out saying they're not supporting president-elect trump, they're not going to be there. >> or he's not a legitimate president. >> or he's not a legitimate president. and donald trump responding to john luis who came out and said he's not a legitimate president. this is what trump said yesterday on twitter. congress john lewis she had
5:05 am
spend more time fixing and helping his district, which is in poor shape, rather than false complaining about the election results. all talk, talk, talk. no action or results. sad. now his backlash over that tweet. abby: yeah, so he tweeted that yesterday morning when we were live on our show here and the rest of the day twitter was up in arms. the liberals hitting hard on this. nancy pelosi tweeting this ahead of mlk day, let's remember many have tried to silence john lewis over the years. all have failed. >> and says all who attack lewis lose legislatecy in my mind. >> and then bill crystal who is a conservative and part of the never trump conservative said this. it's telling, i'm afraid, that donald trump treats vladimir putin with more respect than he does john lewis. >> it's so across the board. like somehow pushing back on john lewis, he's making a
5:06 am
racial charge or taking away what john lewis 50 years ago, which everyone honors and recognizes as heroic. but you can push back on someone who says -- remember we started it. >> who through the last punch? >> you call me illegitimate, i punch back. abby: yeah, but you would not know who through the first punch. >> donald trump taking on a civil rights icon. the war of words congressman john lewis what the president-elect tweeted that is sparking outrage. the protest of one legendary civil rights figure. >> trump harsh words for lewis sparking an enslot of outrage. >> firing back at the civil rights hero who called him an illegitimate president. >> trump also accused lewis of being all talk, talk, talk, no action. a charge that seemed to ignore lewis' history. beaten and jailed in the struggle for civil rights. >> cbs was really the only one there that was a fair analysis
5:07 am
of it. kellyanne conway is joining us live at 8:30 this morning. we're going to ask her about all of these celebrities that have been pulling out of the inauguration ceremony. she says it doesn't bother her at all. people like jennifer holiday who just announced she was all in. she's going to be performing she said for the american people. that's why she said she was going to be part of this ceremony to perform and sing. well, she now -- after reading an article, you pointed out in the daily beast that was criticizing her, she's a broadway star, that apparently her gay fans were upset that she was going to be performing for trump. >> yeah. there was a ton of backlash. she tweeted this saying i sincerely apologize for my lapse in judgment for being uneducated on the issues that affect every american in this crucial time in history that cause such dismay and heartbreak to my fans. if you read between the lines, this seems more worried about her losing fans than standing up and being a patriot. >> she should apologize for her lack of encourage.
5:08 am
for her lack of willingness to push back on all of these people. as she said, it was because their policies on lgbt issues. who was the first president to stand in front of an rnc convention and talk about that community? donald trump. why wouldn't she take that case? i'm so sick of people caving under a little bit of public pressure, so something that's so satisfy easiest to defend. hey, i may not have voted for him. but it's a celebration for our country. done. >> and she's going to be part of that broadway community. there will be protests heading to washington d.c. also. abby: the big question, clayton, here is do the american people care? i think anything this election has caught us is that they don't care. so we had someone on this morning. deplorable trump supporter, he was on this show just an hour or two ago and here's what he said the inauguration should really be about. >> it's not about the party and the more about getting him
5:09 am
in office and seeing what he can people. a lot of people didn't on the republican side, didn't complain and throw fits about obama getting elected the second term. we stood behind him as our president and what i would like for the democratic party to do is get behind our president because he was elected. stand behind him and back him 100% and try to make america great again. >> he's not just deplorable, he sounds irredeemable as well. we're going to have kellyanne conway to talk on the show at 8:30 about that. abby: let's go to the ice rink. where are the skates, though? you had them on a minute ago. >> i can actually do this in shoes. did you guys know there were such things as synchronized ice skating?
5:10 am
>> not until now. >> these guys are synchronized ice skating. i had no idea. you guys are good? >> yeah. >> we're going to show more. they're juveniles. that's all i heard. take a look at the weather map. show you what's going on right now. we have the ice storm where it's synthetic ice across the central plains. big parts across new mexico right now. but the big story where you see that pink, that is rain falling as rain and then hitting the ground and freezing on contact and that's why we have this ice storm on going. it will continue today and into tomorrow, although tomorrow it lifts a little bit farther off to the north. so right where you see that purple, that's the ice storm going on. extend almost to the minnesota border and by tomorrow, we're going to see icing up to the minneapolis area. here's what it looks like right now. you see that pink, that's where we have it going.
5:11 am
especially across i-70 and i-40. just stay off the roads. there's nothing you can do. we're going to continue to see that today and the conditions are going to be extreme. temperatures are going to be back in the 50s. the juvenile division. the division. sorry. >> thanks for clarifying that, rick. >> there you go. they're number one. >> they're going to want to come back on our show. >> exactly. >> well, we just told you how the democrats are slamming the president-elect. is this their pay back to mr. trump for an old grudge? chris wallis is here to discuss that next. >> and debate hill has some regrets now. >> i'm not going to sugar coat it. we failed. we got cocky about our invincible blue wall. >> wait. did you think she was going to apologize for giving hillary clinton the debate question? not so fast. but she did acknowledge something. ♪ ♪
5:12 am
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5:15 am
abby: welcome back. the left blasting trump firing back who called him an illegitimate president. >> chris joining us. good to see you this morning. we've seen? information going out in the wake of all of this. and any time fundraising e-mails go out, the antenna goes up. what's really behind all of this? what's the motivation? is this pay back for donald trump's foisting of the movement years ago? is this the way of them firing back on this? >> well, there are lots of ways of this.
5:16 am
john lewis started it by saying he does not disregard donald trump as president, on the other hand i think counterproductively donald trump then fired back on twitter calling john lewis all talk no action. if there's one person in america you can't say that about is john lewis, since he was the fellow who walked across the bridge on bloody sunday in alabama and got his head cracked open by the police. so there's plenty of action in his life fighting for civil rights. and the more important question really is, you know, donald trump as the president, he's trying to get things done, he's going to need democratic votes. why get into a fight with john lewis, even if john lewis started the fight? >> chris, this debate about legitimacy. got me looking back on how barack obama was tweeted on january 20th, 2009. reported almost no protests. the tea party movement didn't start until after he elected.
5:17 am
was this unprecedented? >> well, there was certainly after the 2000 election, which was of course the contested election in florida. but it is interesting to note that when george w. bush took the oath of office in january of 2001, he had an approval generating in the '60s. donald trump still has an approval generating in the '40s and, yes, he's going to be president, but he's going to need popular support in order to get all of this very ambitious agenda done. and getting into fights with people like john lewis doesn't help him in reaching out and trying to build the coalitions. whether they're best friends or not, the coalition he needs to get things accomplished. >> we've been with playing the video all morning admitting of democrats got a bit cocky this election. were you surprised by that statement from her? >> well, no, i think that there's a lot of, you know, various states of grief going on with democrats. obviously, there was some anger, and there's been some
5:18 am
depression, and now seeing some acceptance. hillary clinton was not a very good candidate, as we know. she took some of these states, the blue wall and the upper midwest states like wisconsin and michigan and pennsylvania for granted. and it came back to bite her. >> you've got a big show lined up on fox news sunday. starting with vice president elect mike pence. tell us about that and more. >> well, let me just say here in the studio, they were swarming with secret service and dog sniffing out various things because all the security is up. we're going to have the vice president elect obviously talk about the john lewis controversy, talk about that unverified -- completely unverified dossier that the intelligence community handed over and more importantly, talk about the trump agenda and the message of the inauguration. and then as if that weren't enough, we're also going to have an exclusive interview, exit interview with john brennon, the cia director. one of the questions for him why on earth did the intelligence community think they should hand over this
5:19 am
completely unverified research about donald trump which very quickly made it into the public airwaves. >> that will be very interesting. >> two great interviews. >> thanks, guys. >> well, our military has been conducting social experiments for the last eight years. is the trump administration ready to focus on the mission, the war-fighting mission ahead? rob o'neill, the man who killed osama bin laden is here next. >> plus kellyanne conway joins us in studio in about ten minutes. i just saw her in the greenroom. stick around
5:20 am
5:21 am
5:22 am
>> we are back with some quick headlines. it's the end of an era for a
5:23 am
iconic american attraction. ringling brothers circus closing after 140 year run due to declining circus sales and the treatment of animals harassing them. and football action, the patriots win the texans to go to their sixth straight afc title game. that is impressive no doubt. and the seahawks 36-20. two more games on tap today. the green bay packers taking on the dallas cowboys on a great showdown at 4:40 eastern on fox. and then the game moved from the middle of the day it's the steelers against the chiefs. that will also be an excellent game. i cannot wait for tonight. >> well, the hit tv series strange inheritance returns this week for season three with 28 new episodes on the fox business network. and just in time for inauguration day. one episode features a family
5:24 am
who hertz a mallet that was used by one of america's most beloved presidents. >> think they have confirmed that a 150-year-old family story about their strange inheritance is true. that it once belonged to abraham lincoln. >> our enthusiasm didn't really start until tom brought this information for there. it's really incredible. >> here to tell us more is the host of the hit show strange inheritance jamie colby. jamie, welcome back. >> hey, jamie. >> hey, guys, great to see you. you know, the amazing thing is a family tells you that something you've had forever, this mallet that sat by a fireplace belonged to abraham lincoln and was given to the family as a gift. but you never really know is true. well, so much so that took that mallet to her kindergarten class for show and tell. it could be one of the most valuable pieces of presidential history.
5:25 am
we were so lucky to meet them. so lucky to see it in person and the question of where i've been since i saw you last. it has been ten months on the road. the question is where haven't i been? i think we even made a map to show you. but we'll bring you 28 new episodes this friday night at 10:00 p.m., and it will be on the fox business network, and i know viewers who wrote us 11 of the 28 episodes from viewers are anxious that we're going to be back. and i made a few people nervous along the road, including the curator of that lincoln mallet. you know me. take a look. >> as a curator, would you let me hold it? i've got big hands. >> i won't get go. >> that's okay. but you truly believe this is a piece from abraham lincoln, and i am holding it in my hands. we need a souvenir photo. i don't want to make you nervous. >> i am nervous. >> just between you and me, what do you think it's worth?
5:26 am
>> depends what the prince in dubai a would want to pay for it. >> he was shaken. >> he was nervous. >> he was literally nervous. >> yeah. he's not the only one. i handled a lot of valuable things this year. i even put myself on roller skates for a roller derby episode. i want to thank the viewers, they wrote me on e-mail, they followed me on twitter, and we're bringing the goods. friday night 10:00 p.m. only on the fox business network. i'm so excited. season three, you guys, we are back. >> i love it. starting inauguration day. we all look forward to it. what a great season ahead, jamie. and always good to have you with us. >> thanks. vice president mike pence making a special appearance in that episode. >> we'll be tuned in. >> see you friday. >> thanks, jame peep, well,
5:27 am
we've still got a big show on tap. rob o'neal, tim scott, all here next. kellyanne conway joins us right here on the curvy couch. she'll take my word for it. >> there you go beneath the duvet, i'm begging you... take gas-x. your tossing and turning isn't rand discomfort in minutes !! ig so we can all sleep easier tonight.
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5:30 am
. >> i believe in forgiveness, i believe in tremendous work with people. it's going to be very hard.
5:31 am
it's going to be difficult. i don't see president-elect as a legitimate president. i see the russians participating in getting this man elected, and they helped destroy the candidacy of hillary clinton. i don't plan to attend the inauguration. will be the first one that i miss since i've been in congress. you cannot be at whole with something that you feel is wrong. >> that's representative john lewis. kellyanne conway, senior adviser to president-elect donald trump who certainly has his ear is joining us in this studio. you were speaking to the president-elect moments ago. literally right as we're sitting here. >> that's the president-elect. always engaged. >> so he fired off a series of tweets yesterday. and this is what's caused this firestorm. we'll get you to respond this morning how this went. but he sent this yesterday morning during our show. >> this is the one that went out last night. later in the day.
5:32 am
because there were two in the morning that talked about all talk no action. and then later in the evening, he wrote congressman john lewis should focus on the inne criminal infested inner cities. >> and work together. look, donald trump went out there, and he boldly went where very few republicans would go before. he went to the inner cities and said what do you have to lose? and then he responded. he got a higher percentage of the african-american vote than did mitt romney or john mccain. and people heard that message. he was talking about better schools, he was talking about jobs and opportunity, he was talking about fixing infrastructure in inner cities, reducing crime and drugs. but he needs to help those people like congressman john lewis and others, and i would just say we all, everyone agrees that congressman lewis is a civil rights and voting rights leader, and he's -- he deserves our praise for that. but it is disappointing to hear somebody who has such an important voice and platform to say what he said about the president -- which, by the
5:33 am
way, is just false. he is a legitimate president. he won over 2700 counties. he flipped 200 obama counties and now donald trump counties. and in john lewis' state of georgia, donald trump won by five points, and he won 128 counties. hillary clinton won 31 counties in georgia. so we need to work together to help the inner cities and everyone else in america, and we would like to -- abby: that is the interesting thing, though, the tweet he sent out yesterday, and we reported on our show, it didn't have anything to do with race. it didn't have anything to do with john lewis' past. you saw how it played out yesterday with democrats tweeting about this, the mainstream media turning into that debate. what did you make of that? >> abby, disappointing but not surprising. the media got this party started earlier in the week by talking about and publishing the fake news to call into question donald trump's election. that's really where the irresponsibility started.
5:34 am
and here we are later in the week talking about it in a later form. donald trump as the newly elected president in those wee hours of november 9th made it very clear that he was going to become president. that has never changed. his inaugural address will be very envisionary, very inclusive. and i hope those who are planning protests. >> already have been protesting. >> get onboard. >> do you think they're trying to bait him that this is a fundraising effort? because we're seeing e-mails go out trying to raise money on the democratic side, and they're trying to get under the president-elect's skin. >> these are preplanned. >> preplanned. why would he swing at pitches in the dirt? does he need to do that anymore? >> well, he has a right to defend himself, and he is famously the counterpuncher. if you look back and look, donald trump very rarely draws first blood. i respect that about him. he's not picking fights. he's president of the united states. he's going to fix the economy and bring these jobs back from
5:35 am
mexico and china. it's already happening, look at these private industries reducing the costs of goods and services, canceling plans to have their factories move to mexico. he's already a man of action. and, in fact, -- but when he's attacked, everybody just says he should be the bigger man. why is he attacked in the first place? >> i'm just saying should he ignore it? >> let me tell you something. that man ignores plenty. he has had an unprecedented number of attacks and personal attacks against him. i think it's the strength of a leader. somebody who can make himself so impervious to his naysayers and critics. but he also is responding, ladies and gentlemen, because he has a great message and a plan for our inner cities and for the rest of america. and we want everybody at this time to come together and say let's give this man his opportunity to execute on this plan. these kids are failing in schools, they're trapped by the zip codes. he's the guy that believe in education reform for them. >> speaking of an opportunity to come together. on friday, the president-elect
5:36 am
will be sworn in as the 45th president of the united states, whether people like it or not. and there are -- but there are some performers, you've heard about the inauguration. it's going to be inauguration of the people but one former in particular jennifer holiday backed out just yesterday from pressure online about lgbt and gay rights is what she says. here's what she had to say a little bit of her quote. in light of the information pointed out to me, via the daily beast article on yesterday, my only choice now must be to stand with the lgbt community and state unequivocally that i will not perform for the welcome concert for any of the inauguration festivities. what do you say to her? >> do people even care that celebrities are backing out of this thing? >> probably not. that's a different question. i'm disappointed that she canceled based on a article or based on, you know, some folks expressing their opinion. i wish she had called one of us and actually got access to what the president-elect's feeling on any of this is. but you said it best. this is the people's inauguration. certainly was the people's election.
5:37 am
donald trump took his message directly to folks over the media, around the naysayers, many of whom are in his own party, and he is a master connector. i never met such a brilliant communicator in my entire life. the inauguration will be the same and for all those who are screaming and trying to protest, let's not lose sight, folks, of the millions and millions and millions of americans who are truly so excited and so moved about his inauguration. >> well, as a fan of history, i'm excited to see this. you mention as a master communicator, we've had some amazing inauguration speeches in history. abraham lincoln second inaugural; right? trying to bring this country together. john f kennedy's inauguration. what can we expect? take us behind the scenes a little bit, if you will. maybe the first few drafts of the inaugural script. can you give us a little insight into what we're going to hear? >> it's definitely donald trump's choices and voices within that speech. and i think you'll see very visionary uplifting
5:38 am
aspirational, optimistic. that's who he was. especially towards the end of the campaign. hillary clinton never went to aspirational message. he was forgotten man, forgotten woman. here's what i will do for this
5:39 am
5:40 am
5:41 am
5:42 am
5:43 am
and he has also been
5:44 am
incredibly respectful of the fact that he has spoken to them by phone not met them because we have one president at a time for at least five days. >> kellyanne conway, you have a busy week ahead of you. we'll let you. >> thank you so much for being here. >> all right. we've got a big final hour coming up. >> yeah. ed henry, south carolina senator tim scott, they're both going to be here live. >> but up next, what changes should president-elect trump make with our military? rob o'neal, the man who killed osama bin laden is here to discuss. >> rob o'neal in the house. come on in. ♪
5:45 am
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5:47 am
♪ there are many policies that, have been enacted, over many years, including the year since i have been on active duty i am looking for ways to get the department so it is at the most lethal stance and in that regard it is all about mill. >> after years mill social engineering is incoming administration ready to shift the focus of the defense
5:48 am
department, back to o. >> fox news contribute man who killed osama bin laden always good. >> thanks for having me. >> how did you feel about hearing think that. >> the hearing wouldn't as well as going to go a really smart dude in spots before, he works for everyone every agency civilians military like not afraid of anything the joke he has a bear rug in house not dead it is too afraid to move he handled it brilliant said exactly what he needs to say going to be lethal military we are going to make any time, enemy faces, this military on battlefield, will be -- >> a lot of questions on that panel tried to make about it -- in military -- about the social engineering aspect about this administration has been doing how er is james mattis donald trump going to look differently. >> not change a bunch of stuff, he is the man of quotes one of his quotes if you come to me with a problem i will look at it but not looking for a problem, and that means, the people before him he respects, they have stuff in place not
5:49 am
going to try to overturn social engineering not a priority when you are in -- they i made a bias deal we don't care sitting there. >> what is the quotas that come in, got to have xnumber of this or that. >> i think that is going to change. but i've been to combat with women. might have been gunfights with women and if they're there, there are definitely spots women can do that men can't do. it wouldn't look right. but i'm just glad it's a priority. let's make the navy green, use biofuel. >> and lower the standards of what's expected in combat. >> yeah. as long as you don't
5:50 am
lower the standards, everything is going to be good. >> such a great point about green sweeps and everything too. that's been the obsession climate change. it has to move back to isis. >> it does. the navy doesn't need to be running on biofuel, the navy needs the ability to put a carrier out on the coastline and say guest what? knock it off. >> that's right. >> that's what the navy does. we have all those advisory and fun names and cruisers and subs. get them out there aligning with our allies, showing america's back, and you can dependous. and we will defend you against russia. we will destroy isis. they're going to destroy isis. >> rob, both of you would know best. >> well, guy knows. >> thanks a lot. absolutely. thanks for having me. >> we've got a big final hour on tap. ed henry and south carolina senator tim scott will both be here live. >> and this is a day that america will never forget. now that the tragedy of the boston marathon is being told on the big screen, kevin mccarthy is here with a closer look of patriots day. that's coming up
5:51 am
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:54 am
articulate has watch it all unfold as we watch it live here on fox. now a whole new movie is looking inside the boston bombing and the four-day look the look for the man responsible. >> in this city, you have a lot of people talking, but they're talking about the wrong people. it would release if our guys sit back and listen. trust me. that's not working boston work for us. >> the founder of nerd kevin mccarthy joins us now with his review of this. and mark wahlberg got to sit down right, kevin? >> yeah. this movie is incredibly moving, and i find it amazing that the director to tell stories that we already know the beginning and end to, and you wonder what's going to happen. and that to me is the art of a
5:55 am
great filmmaker. and i spoke to mark wahlberg and peter about this film. but mark wahlberg has played so many amazing heroes and this character is a fictional character but combined of a bunch of real life officers. i wanted to know how these heroes have affected him on a personal level. watch this. >> when you played mark, when you were in deep water horizon, just a sentence or two on how each of them -- >> that's a good question. >> have changed you personally. >> i just talked t to marcus the other day. we talk quite often. mike got the amount of love that he has for his wife and daughter and i don't know made me want to be a better person, a better father, husband. >> you feel like you change as a person? >> oh, absolutely. and certainly with this, you know, this is my home. this is where i grew up. i went to school 250 yards on the finish line. and when this tragedy occurred, you know, everybody ran towards the problem. and it just inspired me so much and made me so proud to
5:56 am
be a bostonnian. >> and the key word there is really inspiring. and i had the chance to meet a gentleman named patrick, who was actually at the finish line and, unfortunately, he lost a leg in the incident. but one of the things that he says in the film, which is a great quote is, like, it took weeks for these two guys to plan hate. but it took focusing love to respond. and that's really what the movie's about. and people wonder is it too soon to make this film? and, yes, it is a hard movie to watch. it's graphic at times. but when you're watching it, the real thing you think about is wow. these people came together so quickly, love really did a great job. that's what the movie's about. >> and what did you give it? what was your generating on this movie? >> i gave the movie 4.5 out of five. i think the movie's amazing. i really, really recommend it. it is r-rated, though. very r-rated. >> kevin, thanks for having you go this morning. >> that's cool. >> coming up on the run down, normally washington d.c. so what is ed henry doing in hollywood this morning?
5:57 am
>> what? >> well,ly you're going to have to wait to find out. >> plus hello, operator. i would like to leave a message for the president. >> thank you for calling the white house comments line. >> the comment line is currently closed but your comment is important to the president. >> well, can i leave a message? guess not. >> it's opened up a whole new world for me. ♪
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
♪ ♪ abby: good morning. happy sunday, everyone. it is january 15th. i'm abby huntsman. the war of words between president-elect trump and congressman lewis is dominating headlines this morning. >> it is disappointing to hear somebody who has such an important voice and platform to say what he said about the president which, by the way, is just false. he is a legitimate president. abby: is congressman lewis immune to criticism? pete: a new statement says president-elect trump may evict the press corps from the white house. ed henry is live with his take.
6:01 am
clayton: and hello, operator, i'd like to leave a message for the president. >> the comment line is currently closed, but your comment is important to the president. clayton: you have reached movie phone. what movie would you like to see? [laughter] pete: the inbox is full. clayton: "fox & friends" hour four starts right now. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ abby: oh, yeah. clayton: we set up an ice rink on our plaza this morning, just because we can. abby: a little ice, ice baby, a little synchronized skating? clayton: we're going to be out there later. i ordered a pink leotard -- abby: pete didn't know that was a thing. pete: yeah.
6:02 am
i might try. why not? abby: i think you should. clayton: that's why ed henry would usually join us on the couch, but he knew we were going to be doing the ice skating -- abby: so he flew away as far as possible. [laughter] why are you in l.a.? >> sorry, you've reached the l.a. bureau, our comment line is full right now. pete: what are you doing out there, man? >> i was at this great dinner last night for the professional baseball scouts association who find these great major league ball players, and they don't make the millions that the star athletes do. i got to meet randy johnson, bo jackson, tommy lasorda, because i wanted to talk up my book that's coming out at the beginning of the baseball season, and i got to meet one of jackie robinson's grandchildren. we celebrate martin luther king's birthday tomorrow, and now here we are again talking
6:03 am
about civil rights, but in a political context instead of what we should be talking about. abby: and this is just days before the inauguration, ed, where president-elect trump's going to be sworn in as our president, just this war of words between president-elect trump and john lewis and how quickly yesterday to twitter you had democrats just jumping on this in terms of race when that's not exactly what president-elect trump tweeted originally. kellykellyanne conway was on a w minutes ago, and here's what she said that. >> donald trump went to the inner cities and said what do you have to lose? and people heard that message. he was talking about better schools, he was talking about jobs and opportunity, he's talking about fixing infrastructure in inner cities, reducing crime and drugs, but he needs the help of people like congressman john lewis and others. and i would just say we all, everyone agrees that congressman lewis is a civil rights and voting rights leader, and he deserves our praise for that. but it is disappointing to hear
6:04 am
somebody who has such an important voice and platform to say what he said about the president -- which, by the way, is just famous he is a legitimate president. he won over 2700 counties. he nipped over 200 -- flipped over 200 president obama counties are now trump counties. so we need to get together, and we would like his help. pete: john lewis calls him illegitimate, donald trump punches back. mr. trump tweeting: the democrats are most angry that so many obama democrats voted for me. with all the jobs i'm bringing back to our nation, that number will only yet higher. car companies and others have to start making things here. win. he wants to make the point about the policies he's taking issue with and has nothing to do with race. >> right. and i suspect that's going to be his focus as he head towards the swearing-in on friday, and rightly so. in terms of john lewis,
6:05 am
kellyanne conway is right -- [audio difficulty] >> he has not taken office yet. what happened in this country to the standard of letting someone have a day, if not a hundred days, before you're questioning the legitimacy? and as you pointed out, it was president obama himself who said this was a free and fair election. clayton: yeah. well, one of the questions i asked kellyanne conway was can you give us a preview of the speech?
6:06 am
she said it will be a unifying speech, something donald trump has his hands deeply involved in -- abby: she also said it'll be a short speech. clayton: yeah, but a unifying speech, ed. what do you make of that? >> two things. one is they said it was going to be to be a short speech when he came down the escalator and announced for president, but it went on for over an hour. when he clears his throat and he's got something to say whether it's on twitter or in front 06 -- front of the american people, i suspect it's going to go longer. think about what else was in the i have a dream speech. quote, now is the time to lift our nation from the quick sands of racial injustice to the solid rock of brotherhood. that was martin luther king saying let's come together, let's have brotherhood. i suspect that if donald trump talks more about that than this back and fort with john lewis, it's something that's going to resonate -- abby: our producers yesterday put together just sort of a montage looking back over the
6:07 am
years at commentators and liberals and mainstream media that have really laughed and joked about even the thought of donald trump becoming president. watch this, ed. >> donald trump has been saying that he will run for president as a republican which is surprising since i just assumed he was running as a joke. [laughter] >> look at me. do it. i will personally write you a campaign check now on behalf of this country which does not want you to be president, but which badly wants you to run. be. >> we better be ready for the fact that he may be leading the republican ticket. >> i know you don't believe that, but i want to go on -- [laughter] >> sorry to laugh. >> which republican candidate has the best chance of winning the general election? >> of the declared ones? right now donald trump. [laughter] >> president obama will go down as perhaps the worst president
6:08 am
in the history of the united states, exclamation point,@real donald trump. [laughter] [applause] well,@real donald trump, at least i will go down as a president. [cheers and applause] pete: you talked about the healing themes of the martin luther king speech, how can that happen if you're denying it in the first place? >> look who's laughing now. here's the problem, again, if you look at what john lewis is saying, it goes with all that laughter that simply the democrats don't want to admit that donald trump won because the john lewis comment about legitimacy or not is happening not in a vacuum, but in the context where democrats for days now, for weeks have been saying the russians did it, james comey. think about a few days ago with this inspector general information at the justice department -- investigation at the justice department. they're investigating james comey looking at the e-mails and his comments and all that.
6:09 am
to announce that a week before donald trump's inaugural, it shows you the left has simply not come to grips with the fact that there was a free and fair election, that he is going to be a legitimate president, number one, and thurm two, what's fascinating about that video, people on the left, you had george stephanopoulos, a colleague -- abby: right, laughing it off. >> -- openly laughing saying i know you don't mean that. abby: remember back in 2011 at the correspondents dinner seth meyers was joking that he'll never actually run. what was classic was mr. trump's face at that moment. was that when he decided i'm going to go ahead and do this? >> i've heard some people come up with that theory, and people were looking around, raising eyebrows saying, boy, seth meyers is really singeing donald trump. does he lash out? sure.
6:10 am
but he also has a thick skin. in terms of people attacking him, it's an onslough all the time. so was that the defining moment that led him to run? i've heard this theory, and i'm not sure that's true. clayton: ed, there's reports that president-elect donald trump's team is reportedly considering evicting the press corps from the white house altogether, instead they may work out of the conference center near lafayette square or in the old executive office building across the street. what does this have to do, the size or -- >> yeah, i don't know how legitimate this report is. i mean, we'll have to see whether or not this is really what sean spicer is planning to do. i understand he's going to be on howie kurtz's show today. maybe he'll have a chance to address it. when i was covering president bush for at least about a year, they were renovating the white house press room, so we moved across the street to that conference center, and it was -- i don't want to say a disaster, but it was very difficult because you had much less access
6:11 am
to tony snowe at that time and the president because you were no longer on the white house grounds. you were across the street. if there's a legitimate reason that the press corps is growing now, i'm sure they'll get a chance to make their case. but you can bet that the press corps' going to be, you know, very upset -- pete: it's all part of the changing dynamic of how he interacts with the press. >> because he's going around with twitter and everything else. abby: ed, you're in l.a. how can we get your book? >> or barnes &, 42 faith. the best time about meeting tommy lasorda is he says he watches "fox & friends" every morning, and i was disappointed to learn that he doesn't really care that much about me or pete -- [laughter] he doesn't care about clayton, he said that abby is one of his favorites. abby: oh, that's so nice. that makes my morning. >> from l.a. pete: every diner i go they say, it's you?
6:12 am
i wish it was abby. abby: you're too nice. travel back safely. pete: we talked to kellyanne conway earlier. i've got to make a quick correction because i said there was a report in the new york times, the failing new york times, it was actually the sunday times which is a u.k. newspaper, so that was the source of the question of whether or not mr. trump was going to meet with vladimir putin -- abby: which she also said no. pete: the real news is that she said no and the sunday times in the u.k. reported it incorrectly, but we want to make sure you know we take seriously our sources. clayton: coming up here on the show, democrats discrediting mr. trump on -- oh, hey. i'm going to give you an e, i'm going to give you a vowel. [laughter] pat? [laughter] i'd like a vowel. one of those democrats, california democrat eric swalwell joins us live next. pete: and hello, operator, i'd like to leave a message for the president. >> thank you for calling the
6:13 am
white house comments line. the comment line is currently closed, but your comment is important to the president. pete: your comment is so important to the president, you can't leave one. guess he doesn't want to take our call either. stick around. ♪ ♪ are you getting this? these numbers are off the charts... sir!
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it may harm them. don't take linzess if you have a bowel blockage. get immediate help if you develop unusual or severe stomach pain, especially with bloody or black stools. the most common side effect is diarrhea sometimes severe. if it's severe stop taking linzess and call your doctor right away. other side effects include gas, stomach-area pain and swelling. talk to your doctor about managing your symptoms proactively with linzess. >> i don't see the president-elect as a legitimate president. i think the russians participated in helping this man get elected, and they have destroyed the candidacy of hillary clinton. pete: with president-elect trump's inauguration just days away, a number of democrats have
6:17 am
taken their opposition to a whole new level. so how will this set the stage for the next four years? joining me now to weigh in, democratic congressman eric swalwell. thank you for joining us this morning. >> good morning, pete. pete: donald trump is a counterpuncher, but when john lewis says, and a congressman, a prominent one, a civil rights hero as everyone acknowledges, says he's not legitimate, is it not okay for him to respond? be do you think donald trump is legitimate? >> i admire deeply joan lewis what -- john lewis, and there are a cloud of questions. i can tell you russia attacked our democracy, they sought to help donald trump. look at the rest of the evidence. you see a candidate who has talked so favorably about russia, wants to lift sanctions, wants the roll back our obligations -- pete: pete, you're making the russian case, i get it, but is
6:18 am
donald trump legitimate? >> i think there are a cloud of questions finish. pete: honestly, yes or no. is he the president of the united states when he raises his hand? >> we're counting on our law enforcement community to get to the bottom of these questions. he also won't show his taxes or financial obligations. there is a powerful case that there was collaboration between the trump campaign and the russian government. and so we, the american people -- and donald trump deserves to have that cleared up. pete: well, the report that came out, i think you've seen more than i have, obviously, being in that intelligence world, but it acknowledged that the attempt was, first, to discredit and defeat hillary clinton and undermine our democracy, it just so happened later on that donald trump was a republican candidate. why the conflation that there was a russian preference from the very beginning of donald trump? >> pete, i'd end counseling you to -- encourage you to read the most recent report. he was the prepared candidate that they taught to help, and that's why i've introduced a
6:19 am
bill to have an independent commission with elijiah cummings to look at this. i think the most important part is that russia intends to do this again. i'm hoping republicans join me on this, because we don't want to see another election have russia or any other question think our elections are open -- pete: so there's a concerted effort to delegit mite donald trump what's the solution? is it another election? where are you going with it? >> there's a concerted effort to find the truth. and let's make clear, no vote tallies were changed. donald trump is going to be the president. but the american people deserve to know if our commander in chief collaborated with or has business ties with or any other coordination with the russian government. and those questions have been raised, and, you know, the law enforcement community should get to the bottom of that. pete: presumably has looked into that, and have you seen evidence that donald trump was collaborating with vladimir
6:20 am
putin to get elected proactively himself? >> enough questions have been raised that, hopefully, an investigation is taking place right now. pete: back to the last question that i had, what is the next step? where do you go? you talk about an investigation. let's say they find there is a collaboration, because there likely was not. what's next? is he a legitimate president then? >> we're rooting for the success of our president. if the pilot doesn't succeed, the whole plane goes down. however, if there was coordination with the russian government, the american people need to know, and again, we're counting on our intelligence community to get to the -- pete: i appreciate that spirit, wanting donald trump to succeed. good way to end it. congressman, thanks for joining us this morning. >> thank you. pete: well, you just heard the democrats' take on the war of words. now it's time for republican respondent. south carolina senator tim scott here next. there he is. and remember the marching band who was criticized for wanting to perform at the inauguration? we've got an update on this
6:21 am
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♪ finish. ♪ abby: quick headlines for you now, any last minute questions or concerns for president obama? too bad, he's not listening. >> thank you for calling the white house comments line. the comment line is currently closed, but your comment is important to the president. abby: well, the white house comments phone line, run by volunteers, has been shut down now for weeks. the recorded message assuring callers that the lame duck is still interested in their grievances, urging them to send in comments online. okay. the dnc chair, donna brazile, admitting that the democrats got a little cocky.
6:25 am
>> i'm not going to sugar coat it. we failed. we got cocky about our invincible blue wall. and then we saw it crumble because just a few thousand votes in pennsylvania, michigan and wisconsin. abby: brazile was caught passing hillary clinton debate questions from cnn during the premare, but, hey -- pete: hey, it's the beginning of coming back. anyway, the left blasting donald trump for firing back at a civil rights icon who called him an illegitimate president. clayton: senator tim scott joins ugh now to react to the latest news. good morning, senator. >> good morning. clayton: you saw the firestorm that's erupted around these comments. where do you come down on this? >> i think two things are completely clear. thurm one, john lewis is without any question not only a civil rights hero, but an american hero. and number two, donald trump is the legitimate president of the
6:26 am
united states and will be sworn in on friday. i think it's very concerning for both sides and for the american people should be the fact that we're starting to play a game of verbal russian roulette that will not help this country come to together, and instead of focusing on issues like repealing obamacare, tax reform, creating an education system that works for everyone or focusing on the fact that in the rural america and in inner cities whether it's drug overdoses or crime, we have serious issues and hopelessness is pervasive in those two very large pockets of america. abby: yeah. i think that's a spot-on message. you look, though, at how this originally started, who threw the first punch here, and that interview that he did where he talked about president-elect trump being an ill legit9 mate -- illegitimate candidate and basically boycotting the inauguration, is he immune to criticism, do you think? >> i'm not sure that he's immune to criticism.
6:27 am
i think how we respond to criticism is very important. however, i think no doubt i disagree with what he said, i think he should be present at the inauguration. but at the end of the day, i've had my own experience with twitter this past week with lots and lots of criticism coming my way -- abby: we've all been there, haven't we? >> we have, indeed. what i realize though is what people say about me says more about them than it does me. how i respond says a lot about who i am and where i want to take this country. so both sides have real challenges for their interaction, but, yes, we should find a way to focus on the issues that bring america together. and, unfortunately, the weekend that we celebrate the life and the sacrifice of the reverend dr. martin luther king jr. and the notion that smile of god's children, black ones and white ones, brown ones and red ones should join hands and sing with new meaning, i think we should
6:28 am
focus on that future. and, unfortunately, i have not seen that. pete: how do you focus on that future and coming together when you've got, i mean, speak bluntly to this, when you've got one part of the country or one side of the spectrum saying we won't even accept you? we're going to protest you before you're even in office, we're taking our ball and going home? you can talk all you want about healing, but if they won't play ball, what can you do? >> without any question, i say to my friends on the left that it's very important for us as leaders, especially as leader, not to play a petty game of who's at fault. one thing i have sat through is a lot of briefings on the russian hacking scandal. there been one thing that's come completely clear out of that deep dive into the information. there's not even a hint of evidence that i've seen that suggests that any of the russian hacking and/or impact, had any impact on the outcome of the election.
6:29 am
so we should focus on the fact that president trump has an agenda,s has an agenda to bring this country together. i would like for our president-elect as well as our friends on the left to sit down and work together as adults for those things that the american people have said here are our priorities. donald trump won because he understood the pain, the suffering, the low incomes, the poor education system. he understood those issues. he spoke to those issues in an attractive way at times and in a clear way at other times. that's what we want. clayton: senator, we have some tough confirmation hearings this week, and betsy devos being targeted ahead of these, we've been hearing trouble with other confirmations. do you think she's going to have much opposition in the education department? >> absolutely. she will definitely have -- here's the funny thing about even my comments. i'm focused on bringing the country together, there are
6:30 am
folks that will sit on the senate health committee and try to skewer her over her focus and her support of providing quality education for every single child no matter the zip codes. three years ago i went to michigan and spoke at the aviation charter high school that is funded in part by betsy devos and the devos family. these are folks who have been committed to providing quality education to at risk kids not for a year, not for two year, but three decades almost. they're committed. she's committed to the cause of quality education. she puts the kid before the rest of the system, and that's the way education should be. abby: so we had kellyanne conway last hour, and she's had a look at the speech. she said it's a short one, she said it's about bringing this country together. what advice would you give him, what message do you want to hear? >> i think that's exactly it. i think we should focus on the
6:31 am
policies and not the personalities. donald trump, i have met with him for several hours over the last four or five years, i found him to be a very gracious person when you're sitting there with him. he, without any question, is a counterpuncher. the good news is he's an equal opportunity offender at times. he dose after the actresses and actors in hollywood. if you hit him, he's going to hit you back. so that's something we'll have to get used to. but i think what we'll hear in that speech which will be a lot of fun is his focus on how to provide opportunities for rural america and for inner cities, how to have a tax code that works for this country's competitive position in a global economy. pete: senator, we've only got ten seconds. out of all the nominees, are there any you wouldn't support that trump's put forward? >> i have not seen one that i would emphatically deny my support to. these guys and gals are very smart, very intelligent and, i think, will serve well.
6:32 am
abby: good to have you this morning. pete: thanks, senate. clayton: coming up, al sharpton is mad at senator jeff sessions. abby: how mad is he? >> i'm so mad at sessions, i put a hat and covered up my hair. pete: i miss that. clayton: wow. that makes a lot of sense.
6:33 am
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6:36 am
deeply disappointed to see someone of his stature question the legitimacy of donald trump's election as president and say he's not attending the inauguration. i hope he reconsiders both positions. pete: that was governor mike pence, watch the full interview with chris wallace, it reairs at 2 p.m. and 10 p.m. pete: i think that's a very good tone. disappointment's a very good word. everyone holds him up for what he's done for this country as a civil rights and american hero, but we should be disappointed. abby: mike pence always finds a way to take the right ne. remember that with hamilton? he still was so gracious. clayton: he was like, i'd go see it again. [laughter] and then kellyanne went and saw it. abby: a week of planned protests kicking off in a cold and rainy washington d.c.
6:37 am
>> no peace do. [inaudible] >> no peace. >> what do we want? >> justice. abby: as you can see there, thousands joined the reverend al sharpton for a civil rights martha at timed turned into an anti-president-elect trump rally. and mission wide, 50 cities -- and nationwide, 50 cities holding rallies in defiance of mr. trump's pledge to crack down on illegals. and this marching band faced a lot of backlash for taking the opportunity of a lifetime. >> it's about the students, it's about them having an opportunity to participate in this national stage and this inaugural ceremony. abby: that is the college president speaking out about the fallout students faced for agreeing to perform during the inauguration after his appearance on fox news, the o'reilly factor, they started raising cash for travel expenses, and thanks to generous viewers like you, they blew away their goal of $75,000, and get this, you guys, they raised $350,000.
6:38 am
that'll get them to d.c. pete: yeah. and some new uniforms. abby: hockey is known as a violent sport, but things got out of hand when the minnesota wild were celebrating their mascot's birthday at a recent game. watch this. >> one swing. go ahead, in nordy. oh! nordy, you hit the pin pinata, p swinging, keep swinging! abby: the announcer urging the team mascot to hit another with a baseball bat after cake was thrown in his face. the team apologizing to anyone offended thursday night, it was certainly not our intention. pete: who's offended by that? clayton: i don't know. at first unit even see the blind follow fold, so he thought it was the pinata, i get the joke. pete: who's a offended? please don't. clayton: people are probably upset at a washington nationals
6:39 am
game. abby: they are the cutest things. >> do you think i heard anything you said? clayton: never mind. abby: where is rick? >> we have ice skaters out here who are very excited for their moment here on tv. i saw one of you wipe out bad. are you okay? >> yeah, i'm okay, thank you. >> all right. we were worried about that. there's more ice skating coming up in a bit. there's ice around the central part of the country, i feel guilty about that segway. there you go. parts of kansas, that's going to be the worst hit, some spots over an inch of freezing rain, and that is going to cause major problems out across all of the roads, a lot of power outages and a lot of trees down. this is where you see the icing that's going on now, or interstate 70, you've got to stay off of it. if you have a four-wheel drive, you can drive on snow, you cannot stop on ice. we're going to continue to see that, and we're going to see temperatures this below freezing. it is raining and falling and freezing on contact. warmer air will move in though,
6:40 am
so we're going to start to see things improve by tomorrow especially across parts of kansas, across parts of minnesota, iowa and into nebraska. take a look at what happens over the next couple of days. warmer air returns for almost everybody, that's the good news. are you guy excited to be here? >> yeah! do. >> do you think they're excited? synchronized. abby: thank you, rick. we'll see you soon. clayton: coming up next, 18 democrats say they will skip the inauguration, but is this all a coordinated stunt? maria bartiromo is here to discuss that. abby: plus, you've heard of synchronized swimming, but what about synchronized skating? we are getting laced up. i want to see pete trying to synchronize skate -- pete: you don't. abby: -- in a leotard. ♪ there. ♪ ♪ i wanted to know where my family came from.
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♪ ♪ abby: back with the quick headlines. have a cold? crack open some whiskey. deconstructing the health benefits of each agreement in a hot toddy cocktail, turns out the mucksture of hot water, lemon juice, honey and whiskey is prefer be bl over cold medicine. the honey soothes the throat. i love that. and the secret to a happy marriage apparently is not your spouse, it's your in-laws. >> i love her more than anything. but frankly, sir, i'm a little terrified of being your son-in-law. abby: a new poll finding couples are more likely to be happy with life if they get along with the in-laws. researchers say it's more important for the husband because women tend to be closer
6:45 am
to their parents. clayton: there's a lot of truth this those headlines, especially the whiskey one. thanks, abby. well, the list of democrats quipping out on this -- skipping out on this week's inauguration continues to grow. are the snubs preplanned? here to weigh in, sunday morning futures host which starts in about 15 minutes, maria bartiromo. nice to see you. >> good to see you. thanks so much. clayton: my antenna go up because it seems like with the fundraising, now e-mails because i'm not supporting donald trump, i'm, you know, i don't believe he's a legitimate president, send me money for my campaigns. >> yeah. look, i think this is coordinated. i think they've all spoken with one another and said i'm not going to support, you shouldn't support. let's face it, even in the president's final farewell to america, how many times did he say organize? you know, how many times did he try to empower his base to get up and fight back? look, i think it's absolutely
6:46 am
ridiculous that 17 democrats have said we are going to boycott this inauguration. what are we, 5 years old? clayton: right. and the obama administration, basically, they're not going anywhere. they're staying in washington. and the organization and others have said this sort of obama shadow government is going to start to persist in washington d.c. are they basically setting up roadblocks now for this trump presidency? >> i think they're trying, and i think the president has done as much as he could do as commander in chief with just a couple of weeks, now one week left in his term to actually make it tough for donald trump to overturn the things that he would like to overturn. i don't think it's going to be successful to have any shadow government in washington, obviously, and i think that a lot of these democrats really have to hook at their own constituents, somebody like john conyers, right, in michigan knowing that michigan voted for donald trump, people like in wisconsin and in arizona, knowing that those constituents actually came out and voted for donald trump. you're basically saying to your people, no, i don't agree with
6:47 am
you, i'm smarter, i know best and so i'm going to boycott this inauguration and not allow a peaceful transition. delay -- clayton: kellyanne conway said, look, these are the people that donald trump wants to work with. they need to work together. here's what she had to say. >> he needs the help of people like congressman john lewis and others, and i would just say we all, everyone agrees that congressman lewis is a civil rights and voting rights leader, and he's, he deserves our praise for that. but it is disappointing to hear somebody who has such an important voice and platform to say what he said about the president. clayton: yeah. she said, look, he doesn't swing first. these people are swinging first at him, and he's responding. >> but this is what's most troubling because the people have spoken. donald trump was elected fair and square to be the 45th president of the united states. we're going to see the inauguration next week. for anybody to just continue to push back and try to create
6:48 am
obstacles tells you that you're not listening to the people. the people want work done. they want tax reform done, they want a rollback of regulations, they want america first. that's why they elected donald trump as the president. clay creigh and -- clayton: who do you have coming up on your show? >> we're going to talk about next week, obviously, we want to look forward. we're going to speak with senator ron johnson, we're going to look at the slate that's taking place this upcoming week and get his thoughts on who will pass these confirmation hearingses. in particular, we want to talk about the ag nominee with former ag john ashcroft. we'll talk about how he sees these confirmation hearingses going. he's with me lye as well. plus -- live as well. plus, we're talking about rudy giuliani about the threat of cyber attacks and his new role, and then we'll talk with jason chaffetz. a lot of people on the right and left saying time for comey to step down.
6:49 am
clayton: we asked kellyeab on that -- kellyanne about that this morning. the show starts in 12 minutes, keep it right here. >> thank you so much. clayton: remember this? >> they form a v! i've heard of this before, but i've never seen it. it's the flying v. oh, up the center ice, hall with it for the germany blue line. [cheers and applause] clayton: well, we all know ducks fly together, so when we come back, i'm going to hit the ice with rick, abby and pete, and we're going to see who doesn't break a leg. ♪ ♪
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>> they form a v. i've heard of this before, but i've never seen it. it's the flying v head by jesse hall. hall up the center ice with it for the germany blue line, hall -- he scores! [cheers and applause] clayton: abby, and i are always in sync on the curvy couch, and occasionally rick is too, but how will we do actually on skates? abby: synchronized skating is all about period and accuracy. pete has been working on his moves more months now. there's a big difference between swimming in a pool like that -- pete: it's kind of my thing. here to try to teach us some of their moves, ashley walker green, head coach and founder of the central park ice, and one of her sin cosummarized candidating teams is here as well.
6:54 am
clayton: tell us about the team here first of all. >> so central park ice is a synchronized candidating program here in new york city. we started in 2007 and with just one team, and now we have four teams that compete all across the east coast. pete: can you show us some moves here, and then -- is it advisable to lace up your skates? [laughter] clayton: i'm going to help you out. what are they doing? >> they're starting with what we call warm up-up block. they are guiding, they're lining, they're having fun which is the biggest part of it all. >> you guys having fun? [laughter] can pete join you? >> can i join? pete: oh, no. clayton: is there a tip for pete? it seems like there's a lot on their toes. >> well, they shouldn't be on their toes. nothing happening --
6:55 am
pete: are you going to hold me when i fall? >> hopefully. clayton: play some music. what should pete do correctly? >> pete should step on the same foot as everybody else. clayton: all right. ♪ pete: whoa. abby, get in here. you make it look a lot better. i love the leg lift. clayton: how does this feel, pete? pete: it feels great. >> should we step into a circle? >> yeah. >> all right. come into a circle. >> we can just take a little push. [laughter] >> you are supposed to be synchronized, so we're all supposed to be pushing at the same time. [inaudible conversations]
6:56 am
[laughter] pete: toe picks. clayton: can you do a pirouette? abby: do a pirouette. pete: you know, they kick up and they spin. who can do that? >> i did see nancy kerrigan a little bit earlier. clayton: we want to thank great games for setting us up, and somebody said we are going to get clayton to put on skates after this? [laughter] i think that's a lie. abby: clayton, you're next. ♪ ♪ g new cars.
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>> he is showing off over here. >> tomorrow vice president-elect mike pence, log on to our after the show, show, we'll see you. maria: good sunday morning the time has arrived donald trump to be sworn in as 45th president of the ustat urvegunited states, ia bartiromo welcome to "sunday morning futures." while republican house committee chairmen jason chafe e jace chal join me live coming up, with former attorney general john ashcroft looking ahead to the hearing. >> 7


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